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Brian Dimoff

Brian Dimoff is a small business owner, a gunsmith, and a third-generation veteran. As an avid outdoorsman who enjoys pastimes such as hunting and offroading, Dimoff has come to realize the human impact on the environment from irresponsible recreation.

Tom Zimmer

Tom Zimmer is a professor at Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) as well as the executive director of COR (Catholic Outdoor Renewal), an outreach program at WCC where people can go on expeditions and learn about the outdoors and grow towards their Faith. Zimmer discusses God's calling for people to care for the environment and His creation.  

Penny & Cal Howe

Penny and Cal Howe have been ranching for the past 40+ years in Northern Colorado. In that time, they've witnessed a great amount of environmental change that has ultimately impacted their ability to grow and produce crops.  

Rachel Watson

Rachel Watson is a competitive skier and one of the co-coaches for the Nordic Ski Team at the University of Wyoming. She recounts how changes in winter conditions have impacted skiers' ability to participate in the sport they love. 

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