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About the Project

A Changing Frontier is a mini docuseries aimed at sharing the stories of individuals who have experienced environmental change in the Rocky Mountain West and Midwest. The series works to highlight the impacts that these changes have on individuals' livelihoods and outdoor interests/hobbies as well as discuss potential solutions to combat these impacts.

A Changing Frontier was born out of a master's thesis project by Taryn Bradley, a Communication and Journalism student at the University of Wyoming. The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to environmental changes happening in the Rocky Mountain West and Midwest, which are not as widely discussed. Typically when people think of environmental change, we think of melting ice caps in Antarctica or the rising oceans along the coastline, which are not immediately relevant or near everyone, especially those landlocked in the United States. Because the director resides in Wyoming this state, in particular, became a main focus for the series although many of the changes and impacts discussed in the series are not limited to Wyoming, and many individuals across the Rocky Mountain West and Midwest can relate in some capacity to the issues the individuals in the episodes encounter. 

A main part of this project revolves around the idea that everyone has a story, and because of that, the project encourages others to share their own experiences with changes in the natural environment. It's likely that even you have encountered environmental changes in your state/community that you've come to notice over the past 5 years, a decade, or even longer that have impacted an outdoor space or pastime you love. Sharing our stories can be empowering and can even bring about awareness to an issue, which is the ultimate goal of this project and series. You can be a part of this project by visiting the "Share Your Story" page and filling out a form! 

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